{photo credit: the very talented Yan Palmer}

OK, you’ve probably been searching for photographers online and you’ve read a few of these bios.  And I could totally tell you that I was always the kid with the camera, that when my daughters were born, I found my passion in photography, and that my favorite thing in the world is regular coke, which I have given up and started drinking again at least ten times.  And all of that would be true.  But my story has been so much more than that.  My journey truly started in 2001, when, armed with a Minolta film SLR camera and rolls and rolls of black and white film, I decided I was going to master this thing called photography.  I had a black background and a dream.  I kept working, and practicing, and reading, and asking questions.  Determined to learn & find my own style.  A friend saw those images, and asked me to photograph her children.  And then that friend told another friend…and Lisa Turner Photography was born.

My photography saw me through a divorce and some dark days.  My photography supported me, emotionally and financially when I didn’t think I had anything left.  My photography helped me document those tentative early months living alone, for the first time…well since never.  And for that I am so very grateful.  Grateful to the clients who have remained loyal year after year.  When I see them at their next session, they ask about my new house, or congratulate me because they saw on Facebook that I got remarried.  And they understand, and they know me, because my clients are my friends.  Truly.

I want you to walk away from your session with not only fantastic images but feeling like you actually had fun.  Scratching your head, going, “did we just have a photo session?”  Because it will feel more like a playdate, or a family visit to the park.  Your family, doing what they normally do, and I’m just that silly lady with her camera that you invited along for the ride.

Take a look around my site, and if you like what you see, give me a shout!  I can’t wait to meet you.  –Lisa


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