OK I admit, this session was a year ago.  But it has always stuck out in my mind-for so many reasons.  First, I mean, the baby is adorable.  So there’s that.  But just the summer freshness of it all…the light filled home, the pretty garden backyard, the most charming nursery with these french doors, that I might have obsessed over just a little.   And then after all that, we walked to the park!   I was having a hard time STOPPING the photographing.  I could have been with this family all day.

I realize when clients hire a baby photographer-they are probably thinking–studio or park.  And those are great options, for sure.  But I love the personal feel of in-home sessions.  Watching baby crawl in their living room and thinking how they will recall this space in years to come.  All the feels.

And even though it’s a weeee bit late-enjoy this slice of summer!

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For my next family film–I spent the afternoon with the lovely Kelley of Kelley Dallas Photography and her sweet daughter Emmy.  She wanted this to be about the two of them and the things they love to do–nail painting, crafts, playing at the park.  We even got some footage of Emmy reading, and talking in Chinese!  I can only imagine how precious it will be years down the road…to hear her tiny voice in this film.

Kelley is a very talented family documentary photographer, and if you follow her on social media-you know that she takes the most amazing pictures of Emmy and their everyday life.  But–she is never in any of those pictures!  I was so excited to create these images and video of her with her daughter.

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So excited to share with you all my first fusion film!  My hope in sharing my own family film with the world-is others would want their family documented in this way as well.  When Matea contacted me, they had just had a health scare with their beloved dalmatian, Kan.  Having gone through cancer with our first dog, Max–I know how terrifying it can be.  She immediately knew that she wanted to document the important place Kan has in their family and their day to day lives.   As a dog owner-it’s so funny how you take a picture of something, and the dog is always in the frame somehow…an ear, a tail…but always right there.  This was no exception.  Wherever they were, so was Kan.  Thank you Finanders for sharing your life and your home with me

And here are some still images as well:

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I can’t believe it’s been two years since my original this is fourteen post!  Alas, now my second child is fourteen.  Our last photo shoot birthday party was such a winner, why not do it twice.  We went back to The Studio for our photo shoot and it was just as awesome as the last time. Our makeup artist was the very talented Nicole Ramirez and she did a fantastic job.  Not too much, just enough!  And super quick too!  It was easy to get 7 girls done and have more time for photos.  The girls all felt so beautiful and had a blast.

Photo time!

littleton teen photography of girl in studio

Fourteen is such a pivotal age-done with middle school and so much ahead.  Such a privilege to capture my daughter and her friends at this moment.

This, once again–is fourteen.


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In the interest of trying new things (see my last post-I Photographed a Preschool!), I took an amazing online class in January called Everyday Films.   To say I learned allll the things about documentary family films, would be an understatement.  I have dabbled in the video function on my dSLR before, but never fully understood what it really took to create a beautiful family film.  I can’t WAIT to share this feature with my clients.   Check out my final project from the class:


Life With Marley from Lisa Turner Photography on Vimeo.

You are probably asking yourself, why did she make a film about her DOG.  Well, when you have teenagers, you are sometimes lacking for subjects.  And every time I took out my camera, guess who was right there.  Marley!   She really is the center of everyone’s universe around here.

So…if you have read this far, guess what?  There’s a chance to get something for F-R-E-E.  I realize that a new medium is kind of a risk-you are not sure what to expect, and my skills are new.  So, to ease you into this process-I would love to give one lucky family a FREE documentary photo/video session.  Yes that’s right.  FREE.  The first person to comment on my Facebook post gets it (local families only, sorry!).   The next 5 families who comment, will get a session for the discounted introductory price of $450 (all inclusive).  After that, the price will go up.  I plan to offer this as an option alongside my regular photo sessions, to include both your family photos, as well as a fusion film of both your photos and video.

You guys.  I sooooo wish I had something like this of my children when they were little.  I mean we have home movies (which are currently all on tiny tapes that now have to be converted, but that’s a whole other story).  But they are just that-home movies, with no thought to light, or composition, or the tiny details of our lives at that time.  And for the most part, I am not in them.   It’s wonderful to have beautiful photos of your family-but with video, those images come to life.   Truly.


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  • Kelley - March 28, 2017 - 1:10 pm

    So cool that you are offering this service!