Did you just get a fancy new DSLR camera? Looking for a Denver photography class that is loaded with info and explains your camera in plain English?  You’ve come to the right place!

Benefit from Lisa’s 10 years of experience photographing families in the Denver area…

Group classes are 3 hours and $99 per person.  Class size is  limited to 8 students so everyone will have an opportunity to ask specific questions and work hands-on with their cameras.  This is something you will not find with other classes!

Can’t make a weekend class?  I offer 1:1 or 1:2 instruction on the weekdays/weeknights for $150 per person.

Denver Beginner Photography Class Curriculum

Be lost no more!  Lisa will break down all of your burning camera questions so you can 1. take that new camera out of the box and 2. start using it!

-10 Tips for Taking Better Pictures of Your Kids
-Introduction to Exposure
-Shutter Speed
-Training Wheels
-Using your Camera’s Basic Settings
-Lens Overview

Depending on the size & experience of the class-we may get to some advanced topics such as:

-Tv/Shutter Priority
-Av/Aperture Priority
-Manual Mode

Group classes are usually taught in the winter months-January, February and March.  One on one training can be set up at any time that works with your schedule.

What folks are saying:

I enjoyed taking the Beginner Photography class with Lisa Turner because I learned a lot of basic information about my camera and gained a better understanding then I would get from just reading the manual.  Lisa went over each basic camera setting in detail, used a power point and gave us handouts that matched the powerpoint so we could follow along and take notes.  Lisa is a good teacher because she doesn’t talk above the beginner class and she makes you feel like any question is okay to ask.  I thought it was a lot of fun getting to practice using a setting on my camera.    –Michelle

Lisa’s beginner photography course was wonderful! She helped me to understand all the features my camera had to offer. Not only did I learn what ISO, shutter speed and aperture meant, but she also explained how to apply these when taking a photo. I have already seen an improvement in my photos with the various tips she has taught me.  She was a great instructor and I would highly recommend this course!    –Debbie

Contact me for more info and upcoming class dates!