Mommy Mondays Week 1 | Denver Family Photographer

There’s no reason to have a case of the Mondays anymore folks…because now there’s Mommy Mondays!  Each week until the Mommy & Me Mini Sessions on May 21st, I will be featuring a fun fabulous Mom here on the blog. Want to celebrate the special mom in YOUR life?  Sign her up for a mini session with her kids on May 21st!

This week it is Autumn Crowell…friend and fellow preschool parent from our days at Holy Trinity Preschool.  Sara and her daughter Daisy were quite the team, back in the day.  It was great to see them again when we did this session at Ketring Park!

Name: Autumn Crowell
City: Littleton
Your occupation: Mommy
Kiddos’ names & ages: Daisy 7, Bailey4
You enjoy: Yoga, music, art ,dance, my dog
You dislike: garlic
Article of clothing I cannot live without: jeans and earrings
Favorite 80’s song:
Break My Stride or almost anything from Depeche Mode
It’s a warm summer day and you are sitting on the patio. Your beverage of choice would be: Diet Coke or Margarita
Favorite thing about your last session with Lisa Turner Photography: Timeliness, professionalism, and non-stressful.

Thanks for stopping by…tune in next Monday for another fantastic Mom!


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