Mommy Mondays Week 5 | Denver Family Photographer

Welcome back to another edition of Mommy Mondays! Each week until the Mommy & Me Mini Sessions on May 21st, I will be featuring a fun fabulous Mom here on the blog. Haven’t checked out the mini sessions yet? Click the link above! It’s the perfect way to get a custom outdoor session with your kiddos at a budget friendly price. The perfect Mother’s Day gift.

This week’s Mommy is Lori Harry. Another client who is also my friend and has been with me since back in the day! I take her pictures and then next thing you know her daughter is playing t ball with mine. Such is Highlands Ranch. She is uber-organized…when I go to her house I oooh and aaah over her bins and labels. And the scrapbooking! Don’t even get me started on her scrapbooking. She puts us all to shame.

This image was taken during a joint session we did with her family plus her sister’s family. 7 kids in all! When I got this image…I was so happy…it’s perfect. P.S. Lori is the mommy on the right!

Name: Lori Harry
City: Highlands Ranch
Your occupation: Manager, Bus Driver, Teacher, Housekeeper, Chef, Mother, Wife, etc!
Kiddos’ names & ages: Megan – 7, Will – 6, Sam – 4
You enjoy: Skiing, Cooking, Scrapbooking, Being Organized
You dislike: Not Being Organized
Article of clothing I cannot live without: BIG STAR JEANS!
Favorite 80’s song: too many to pick from and I’m not very good at remembering song titles! I do love the memories of high school when I hear a good 80’s song!
It’s a warm summer day and you are sitting on the patio. Your beverage of choice would be: Margarita on the rocks with salted rim! (But must be made by my husband because he doesn’t use pre-mix and he makes the best margaritas!)
Favorite thing about your last session with Lisa Turner Photography: Amazing pictures of my kids!

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