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School photos-the forced smiles, the stiff poses, the tacky backgrounds.  No one actually LIKES their child’s school photos, but we buy them anyway.  We’ve just come to accept the mediocre photos as the norm.  It doesn’t have to be this way!  My motto here  at Lisa Turner Photography is always WHAT IF.  What if school pictures could be better?  What if your child’s school picture could be something you actually wanted to display?  {instead of sticking in a drawer for all eternity.}   What if that school picture actually captured your child as they are?  What if the school picture background could be classic, and timeless?

And so I present Lisa Turner Photography Boutique School Portraits.

Thank you so much to my lovely clients who provided me with the cutest models ever for my marketing materials:

denver school photography

Cute kids=cute marketing piece:

preschool postcard front

I am putting packets together as we speak that will be delivered to preschools across the metro area.  Have a school that you think would benefit from better pictures? Let me know!  I would love to get in contact with them.

Until next time–Lisa



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