“Oh my gosh, Lisa!   These are simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  Alaina is going to be PLEASED!   In fact, the ones you sent on facebook, I “shared” to my profile and she loved and has already posted to hers… and of course her friends are loving them, too!  I had a feeling these were going to be great.  …and they are simply outstanding!!”

–Tina, Boulder


If you are a parent of a senior, you are probably buried under a giant pile of paperwork and your to-do list is a mile long.  Who knew graduating was so complicated?  So let me make this super easy for you.  We meet at a beautiful location, or my studio and we take some gorgeous, authentic pictures of your baby (your baby forever, right?).  And get this:  these images will actually look like your son or daughter.   Not a photoshopped, overly retouched version of him or her.  Images that show their natural beauty, both inside and out.  You will walk away from the session with a new friend (me) and the wonderful feeling of crossing off one more thing on that to do list!  Now on to scheduling that SAT prep class…


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