…and sometimes a goat walks into your picture

a goat really has nothing to do with this. but how could i not post this image, i mean really.

Well, 3 months just evaporated, now didn’t it?

I had such high hopes for the fall.  Like, I would work and house hunt and make an offer on house and close on said house and move.  And then still have a life.

Well that didn’t happen.

I didn’t blog.

I didn’t see my family (well I did, but they were mostly looking at my back while I was on the computer)

I was crabby.

I got sick.

We did find the house of our dreams, and we did close (and boy was that painful…thank you mortgage crisis), and we did move.

So what have I learned from this?

I will never, ever (like ever) have a fall like 2012 again.  It was great to be so busy but I cannot be that busy.  I love you all…but there will be some changes (yes, price wise) and some hard limits put in place for this year.

I feel like I have started 2013 with a clean slate.  I am unpacking, and cleaning out, and organizing and prioritizing what needs to happen in my business.  All good things.


Another installment of our Beginner Photography class on February 9th!  (this is a new date…originally was slated for 1.26)

Yes, price change…but in a good way.  I am not a volume business and I cannot lose sight of that.  My hope is to not only give you your digital files, but also include some fabulous product so that you can enjoy those images on your walls, or in an album.  I want to be able to give each and every client the attention they deserve and I can only do that by limiting the number of sessions that I take.

My name will be changing.  Meaning, my name (oh did I mention I got MARRIED in October, in addition to everything I mentioned above).  At this point, my business name is remaining the same.  But always know, regardless…it will be little old me behind the lens.  Doesn’t really matter what my driver’s license says.

If you are an existing client-and you are anxiously awaiting your cute little calendar that you get every year, it’s coming!  I promise.  Everything is ordered and should be here soon…and then off to each and every one of you.

Here’s to fresh starts and clean desks!




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