I ♥ Faces Before & After Challenge!

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Week 34-Before & After!

This is a non-judging week (although I haven’t won yet!–someday…) but a fun photo challenge. We are to share our “before” and “after” images to illustrate just how far we’ve come in photography. So please…be gentle. Here goes.

When I first started photographing my kids, and shortly thereafter as a “pro”-I thought the end all be all was black and white pictures on a black background. And when I was feeling crazy, I loved me some hand coloring. These were taken in early 2005, a couple months after I purchased my first digital SLR, the Canon 10D. Now I look at these and think…ick. BUT. You have to start somewhere! I adored these images of my girls:

Her Majesty 022005
funnyface hand colored

These days…what I am doing looks a little more like this:
bentley-48 faded

I originally thought myself a black and white photographer…but now I am in love with COLOR! I am constantly exploring new photoshop actions and lightroom presets. I love a 70’s vintage feel. I love a pop of color, an image that says wow. And that black background? Well, I do still use it occasionally for newborn sessions…but it often sits collecting dust in my storage area. Just goes to show you, times change, tastes change…and your photography can grow right along with it.

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  • Lynette - September 3, 2009 - 8:58 am

    Beautiful picutres! It’s so funny to see the “phases” we go through. What an amazing journey!

  • Aimee - September 9, 2009 - 2:55 pm

    I always thought I preferred black and white over color pictures…until I had YOU take our pictures. When I went through the cd you gave us, I was much more drawn to the color photos than the black and white ones. In fact, I think I am mostly printing color photos! Thanks for opening my eyes to something new!

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