Oh, Buddy | Denver Family Photographer

What to do with this crazy, black dog.  We got him almost 6 months ago-some days it feels like 6 years!  The chewed on crocs, my driver’s license with holes in it (I forsee a trip to the DMV!), children running in all directions as he comes bounding down the hall. But when he has a quiet moment-like in these pictures here-I realize that we really do love this dog.  Like war veterans, we have all been through so much together.  We watch American Idol on our bed while he lays all over us and snores.  The girls take turns feeding and brushing him;  in fact, they fight over it.  Just like toddlers-he won’t be little forever.  In 5 years he will laze around the house and we will miss our insane, active dog.  So I am trying to just enjoy it!  Here’s what I captured during a few brief, quiet minutes with Buddy.

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  • Tera - February 5, 2010 - 3:28 pm

    Lisa, these are such great shots of Buddy! He’s adorable! Wish you could do some photos of Barley for us! Hope things are going well with him!

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