the pursuit of happyness



{I’m not even going to try to apologize for my lack of blogging. Ridiculous.}

Anyone see that movie? The Pursuit of Happyness? Will Smith and his kid…oh it’s a beat down, you will cry, but the ending is positive.

I always think about how he narrates, and he says, “this part of my life is called…” whatever his current situation is.

When I first got divorced, that part of my life was called Creekside. I lived in an apartment complex called Creekside. And those were exciting, heady days. Having never lived on my own, ever, except in college. Exploring a new life.

But we realized we needed more space, and a yard, and a neighborhood. And so I began my quest to find a house to rent. And that part of my life is where I am now, and it is called Adelaide. We have had some wonderful times in this little yellow house. But unfortunately, sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out like you thought they would. Sometimes landlords can be terrible, hateful people (you know who you are) and can pull the rug out from underneath you when you least expect it. And so we are now moving into the next part of my life.

And this part is called Storage. The part of my life where I move into a temporary furnished condo and put everything else into Storage. My life in a 10×15 public storage box. In the middle of busy season. Yeah, that’s right.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and although it’s not clear to me now, I know that these trials serve a purpose.

While my life is in Storage, the following will happen:

My love will finally move out here to be with us.
He will get a job.
We will continue to look for a home to buy.
As soon as he gets a job, we will buy that house, and we will make a life together.

Also, the condo comes with a maid. So there is a bright side.

I hope to this week get caught up with life, as I prepare the girls to go back to school, and I pack up my things once again. Lisa Turner Photography has been superrrr busy this summer and I have so many sessions to share. As always I am so thankful for the families who continue to hire me to capture their life and love. I truly appreciate it.

More soon…Lisa

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