Beginner photography class is back!

Just in time for the holidays–the perfect companion for that fancy new  camera that Santa is bringing this year!  My beginner photography class is back!

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The class is $99 and we will cover:
* 10 tips for taking better pictures of your kids
* Intro to exposure
* Shutter speed
* Aperture
* Using your camera’s basic settings
* Into to manual mode
* Lens overview
* Hands on shooting time!

I keep the class SMALL-8 to 10 people max.  So there’s lots of time for questions and hands on instruction.

Keep in mind, I also offer 1:1 instruction as well as in-home classes for moms night out, bunco groups, etc! Email me and we can find a format that works for you! If you want to give this class as a gift…I have a gift certificate I can send you.

Here’s to mastering that camera in 2014!!


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