I have a secret | Denver Senior Photographer

I have a secret…I have been photographing high school seniors all summer! And having a blast doing it. I have met so many cool kids…all so unique and talented! If you have procrastinated until the last minute and still need senior photos…give me a shout! The intro special is closed but I am offering a great digital collection which includes your session, digital files and other goodies!

Drum roll please….

Alaina. Championship ice skater. Didn’t get mad when I almost dropped the skates on the sidewalk and messed up the blades. Drove all the way from Niwot!

Miranda. Doesn’t let the rain get her down…we moved her session into the studio! Choir gal. Going to letter in community service as well!

Callie. Neighbor for 9 years. Softball player AND basketball player. Babysitter extraordinaire! My girls love her.

Logan. Looks like an Abercrombie model! Dating another client of mine. Really smart and also a really nice kid.

Sarah. Plays the ukulele! In a band! And she sings. Aspires to be a musician. I anticipate great things!

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